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Update: Generate XML sitemaps in the new version of W7 SEO Uplifter (1.1.3)

Hello everyone! We hope you have enjoyed working with W7 SEO Uplifter so far, as much as we have. And today, we bring you a new update with bug fixes, improvements, and new features.

Performance feature improvement

Image optimization now supports Droppics and other galleries. All of the images can be converted to the WebP format in every image type (the thumbnail, large, full, etc.). Image quality and maximum size will be also set by the W7 SEO Uplifter settings.

Coming in this version: Sitemaps

A completely new feature in this version is the ability to create a sitemap for Google and other search engines.

At the moment, three types of content sources are available for the sitemap: menu items, Joomla articles, and Joomla categories. More sources (including e.g. DJ Classifieds ads pages, EasyBlog content, K2 content, etc.) will follow very soon. As well as sitemaps versioning.

The sitemap is generated by Google standard, so you can be sure that it’s working right.

Sitemaps administration preview

W7 SEO Uplifter sitemap sources list

The sitemap sources are clearly displayed in the table. You can see the source type, elements priority, and elements frequency of changes.

W7 SEO Uplifter sitemap source settings

Each sitemap source has its settings based on available data. In the menu type, you can exclude selected menu items. In the Joomla articles or Joomla categories types, you can exclude selected categories.

W7 SEO Uplifter XML sitemap link

The link to the sitemap file is available in the dashboard where you can copy it. You can also regenerate the sitemap there.