How the plugin works

W7 WebP takes all of the <img> tags in the page. When a user visits the page for the first time, the plugin converts all of the images to the webp format and caches them. Then the webps are served to all of the other visitors immediately. 

The new webp images are saved to the same location with the same name as the original image.

To be able to show original images to old and unsupported browsers, the <img> tag is change to HTML5 <picture> tag. This can result in unexpected behaviour if you have set the styles to <img> tag and not it's class.

All of the <img> tag's attributes (e.g. class, ID, ...) are passed to the <picture> tag.

Your server must support conversion to webp format.

The plugin doesn't work with CSS background-image attribute.

We guarantee the plugin's functionality only for the supported versions of PHP.