Update: New version of W7 WebP Brings Lazy Loading Support

New update of W7 WebP is here and it's really good news for the users! Since many of you asked as about this feature, we decided to add lazy loading.

What is lazy loading?

Lazy loading images are a important part of modern websites. It means that images are loaded right before user needs them which is great for many reasons: 

1) Faster websites

With many images loaded all at once, user can wait even a few seconds before it is finished. There is no reason to load image at the bottom of the page when visitor has just came to the site.

2) Saves mobile data

There is a situation in many markets in the world where mobile data are limited with a monthly FUP. W7 WebP now saves data transfers between the device and your sever. There is not a bit transfered unless nesccessary.

3) Saves server traffic

Users save data, developers save their servers. Lazy loading expects users not to download all of the images you put in the page. Since only a few visitors will actually scroll to the very bottom your server doesn't need to serve them images and can focus on more important stuff. 

Change log

Version 1.6