W7 SEO Uplifter Free Version Is Here!

Hello, everyone. Today we launched the free version of W7 SEO Uplifter. Its functionality is limited, but it will still be a great addition for you in your quest for better SEO optimization.

We have summarized the difference between the PRO version and the free version in the table below.

If you decide to upgrade to the PRO version, everything is easy and you won't lose any data you have already entered. Updates to the free version will be delayed compared to the paid version. We also do not offer any support as opposed to the paid version.



Search engines meta tags

Google SERP preview

Facebook OG tags

Facebook card preview

Twitter tags

Twitter card preview

Redirects manager

Sitemap generator

Sitemap sources - Joomla menus

Sitemap sources - Joomla categories

Sitemap sources - Joomla articles

Sitemap sources - Joomla tags

Sitemap sources- 3rd-party integrations

Image optimization

Conversion to WebP

Code optimization

Htaccess editor

Robots.txt editor

Meta tags / OG tags / Twitter tags for single articles

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